Green Monster Love

I’ve been reading tons of blogs lately.  Fashion blogs, foodie blogs, lupus blogs.  In this mass amounts of blog reading I’ve come across a trend: Green Monsters.  Now, sometimes I act like a kid and Green Monster probably would be the term I coin for some really gross big booger if I was 12 (or 20- don’t judge you know you’re thinking it too).  But Green Monsters, if you haven’t heard of them are just green smoothies made from mostly spinach, and a banana.  The fruit in it cancels out the taste of the vegetable, so while it looks gross it tastes delicious!

Green Monster

These things are AMAZING!  Actually, beyond AMAZING!  Green Monsters have become my new coffee.  I can’t function in the morning without one.  Honestly, it’s my way to get enough green vegetables into my diet.  If I don’t have one, I start to feel sluggish by 3pm (and when my work day STARTS at 3pm that’s a bad thing).

From the beginning I’ve used a handful of fresh spinach, a banana, a cup of OJ, and a handful of frozen peaches (I buy a lot of frozen fruit so it doesn’t go bad and I don’t waste it).  But then I read conflicting reports on how spinach can be bad for those of us with Lupus because of some acid in it.  I don’t know it all confuses me. So this time I thought I’d try something different: Kale.

Kale has more calcium and protein per serving than spinach and the same amount of fiber and potassium.  Spinach has less sodium (for those of us with kidney problems sodium is high on the watch list) but not enough of to make a difference.  So this morning I tried my Green Monster with Kale.  Still can’t taste the vegetables, which is good for me!  My mom always said that as soon as she started feeding me the sweet fruit baby food I spit out the vegetable baby food every time.  I’m a sucker for fruit what can I say.  But, this is the PERFECT way to get my vegetables in to my diet.

So thank you to Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point for turning me onto these.


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