Weather the storm

Happy Hump Day!  The weather here in upstate NY is terrible.  50 and rainy.  May I remind you mother nature that it’s May and not March!  Unlike most people though, my job doesn’t stop for anything, and I don’t get to spend it inside.  While baseball is rained out, lacrosse plays through rain and snow.  So I get to head outside for the third day in a row in this crap weather.

Unfortunately for me the weather aggravates my arthritis.  Yesterday it started raining during game three, but the wind before just cut right through me.  I was in bed before midnight but it took me until 11am to get out of bed this morning.  I was outside earlier for about 20 minutes dog walking and my knees are now killing me!  And I still have three lacrosse games outside later this afternoon.  OUCH!

Does anyone else have this problem of the weather affecting their lupus?  How do you deal with it?  I just try to bundle up as much as I can (I know I may look goofy but if it helps me get the job done then I’m ok with that).


2 thoughts on “Weather the storm

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  2. I do have issues with the weather affecting my lupus, but I’m not sure my weather preferences fall along what most people like. I actually really love cold weather and don’t necessarily notice it making my joints a lot worse. Spent most of my life in Colorado and never had problems on those snowy days. I DID have problems with all the sunshine at that altitude though. I’ve been in Seattle for a while now and I find the warm weather much more manageable (even the sunshine doesn’t bother me nearly as much). I didn’t think the drizzly weather bugged my joints until the past 6 months as I’ve been in a bad flare. I have definitely noticed soreness more on those drizzly mornings…but again, if I’m not in an active flare, I don’t notice it bothering me nearly as much.

    Such an exact science, right? Haha.

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