Friday Five

I’m going to start a little something called Friday Five.  Five Facts about Lupus, or my Lupus, or me in general.  Or if I’m in a mood five goofy things.

Today we’ll start off with Five Lupus Facts. It is Lupus Awareness Month and the Lupus Foundation has been posting a fact a day on Twitter and Facebook.

Facts Courtesy of the Lupus Foundation of America

Five Lupus Facts that Apply to Me:

1) The most common symptoms of lupus are: extreme fatigue or exhaustion, headaches, painful or swollen joints, fever, a butterfly-shaped rash across cheeks and nose, sun- or light-sensitivity, and hair loss. (Yup got them all)

2) Only ten percent of people with lupus will have a close relative who already has lupus or may develop lupus. Some people with lupus also will have a relative who has lupus or another autoimmune disease. (Paternal Grandma has positive ANA and mild mild mild Lupus, Mom has Bechets, another autoimmune disease)

3) Lupus develops most often between ages 15 and 44 (Symptoms and diagnosis at 17)

4) Lupus is not contagious. You cannot catch lupus, and you cannot give lupus to someone if you have the disease. (Contrary to what I once told an ex as an April Fools joke; Yes it was mean but so damn funny. And I heard 3 years later he told a mutual friend it was the best joke anyone’s ever played on him)

5) Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can damage any organ in the body and can cause life-threatening consequences. (Hey Kidney’s you suck! That is all).


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