Friday Five

Instead of being a debby downer I thought I’d post a fun non-lupus Friday Five.  Five things I can’t live without (in no particular order and clearly not the full I can’t live without it list):

1) Internet: I think it’s pretty obvious but the internet is amazing, especially now that I don’t have cable and can watch my TV shows online. Another point for the internet.

2) My Boys: I’ve always been one of the guys and these boys have taken care of me like their sister.  Heartache, sickness, the best nights of my life, these boys were there and I know I wouldn’t have made it this far without them.

A Few of My Favorites

3) Fresh Fruit: Delicious, healthy, and the more I have the better I feel.

4) My Chi: This is the best straightener EVER!  My hair is naturally wavy and unruly.  Only on completely lazy days I wear it scrunched but to me it looks like a mess and very unprofessional.  Without my Chi I wouldn’t be able to go on air,  I would feel self conscious leaving the house, and my hair would be a frizz-tastic mess.

Courtesy of

5) Bread: If someone told me I had to be gluten free I’d say forget it!  Maybe it’s my jewish heritage but damn I love bread.  Challah on Fridays and when that isn’t enough I can eat a whole loaf of soft sided Italian bread in one sitting (with Olive Oil and Cheese YUM!).  I live on my PB&J sandwiches for lunch. I need some sort of bread to go with my salad.  For this jew, going without bread for a week during Passover is hard enough.  By the end I’m dying for my bread.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Friday Five and got to know me a little better.  I have plenty of idea posts in the works and plenty of rough drafts.  I just have to find the time to get them going.  HAPPY FRIDAY


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