Food Coma

After working Saturday morning (I know, after switching careers I wasn’t too fond of the idea of weekend work) I treated myself to a late brunch. The Southern Gent and I have our favorite brunch spot and still have a few Yelp deals left. So essentially it was free brunch!

I ordered the High Flyer. What’s that you say? The High Flyer…Two large farm fresh eggs served with our signature chicken breakfast sausage, creamy dreamy grits, plus an organic oatmeal pancake topped with warm peach compote and served with maple syrup. Oh and a famous biscuit.

I ate all but one half of the pancake. I left stuffed and within the hour needed a nap. I intended to sleep for only 20 minutes. 2 hours later I was awake but still sluggish. That night, I was fast asleep by 10pm and slept until 11am Sunday morning.

Note to self – too much gluten, not enough veggies = sluggish tired Lupie.


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