Why-O Why-O did I ever leave Ohio?

Friday morning I woke up and sprang out of bed. I was going back to OHIO! See, this guy was getting married! And I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Crazy to think I remember the earliest days of his relationships with his new bride. And to think she even asked my permission as his best gal pal to date him more than six years ago. You now have permission to get married!

Congrats you two. Honestly it was probably the first time I ever thought about crying tears of joy at a wedding. (Sidenote: I still have never cried at a wedding, but I came close). Mazel!

Before the big day, I headed back to my favorite place in the world, Denison. I hadn’t been back since graduation five years ago and wanted to show Sean the beautiful campus and place that made me who I am today.

It was at Denison where I was at my sickest. It was where my body failed me and where I spent plenty of sleepless nights crying out in pain. But, it was also where I had some of the best days of my life. Where I met my lifelong best friends. 2006 may have been the worst year for my health, but it is also one of my favorite years because I spent it with wonderful people.

It was an odd feeling Friday afternoon. Walking around a place so incredibly important to me, and yet I felt like I shouldn’t be there. So much has changed since I stepped off the hill five years ago. My health has made a dramatic turn for the better, I’m calmer, happy, not worried about the future. Denison may be my favorite place, but I’ve moved on, because I’m supposed to, and that’s ok.

I never paid attention to the Denison Alma Mater, I’ll be honest I knew just the first few lines. But now as I look at the final verse I realize how true the words really are:

When from the fold we far shall stray
With souls no longer young
We’ll ne’er forget our college days
These happy scenes among
And when our steps have feeble grown
Our journey almost done
E’en then with fleeting breath we’ll praise
Our dear old Denison


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