Why I’m sharing my story

I never wrote that I was featured in the summer issue of Lupus Now Magazine. The cover girl was Shannon Boxx of the US Women’s Soccer Team and the article was “Work with it” all about having a successful career while managing lupus. (When I interviewed for the article I was still a sports reporter, still working long hours with few days off and still carrying a heavy camera).

On the Auburn sideline

This weekend I received an email from a woman who lived in my former city of employement. She had just been diagnosed and had received a subscription to Lupus Now from her husband as a way to get more information. I’ve edited to protect her identity but her words were so sweet I had to share some of it:

“I was so surprised to see a local person in this national Magazine, that I felt compelled to just say “hello”, and let you know how comforting it is to see someone local dealing with this disease while maintaining such a busy and rigorous job and lifestyle. Thanks for allowing the magazine to feature you. I realize that such a small detail as “being close to home”,would make a difference, but it did. I am not really into sports, and to be quite honest, have never watched the sports edition on any channel. But I can assure you that you have acquired a new fan, and I will be making a point to tune in to watch your broadcasts if for no other reason than to support a fellow “Loopy “person 🙂 “

Even though I’m not on TV and didn’t gain a viewer, her words meant so much to me. Knowing that I gave one person the slightest inkling of hope just by letter her know that she’s not alone.

1.5 million Americans have this horrible disease. A disease with no cure, few treatments and very little understanding. This is why it’s important to share my story. To shed some light on lupus, to share what helps my symptoms, to vent, to listen, and to make other people feel a little more comfortable sharing their own stories.

So to my new “fan”: thank you for your email. You are why I’m involved in the Georgia chapter of the Lupus Foundation, why I’ve done interviews for Lupus Now Magazine and why I blog.


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