Lupus you’ve got me this round

Lately I’ve been feeling rather blah. I know it seems like I’ve had a whirlwind fall, full of friends and fun. Which is true. But what I’ve left out is the fact that I can’t have fun more than one day at a time.

Take the Georgia game for instance. I slept in, casually tailgated, always had a seat to rest, limited my adult beverages and drank plenty of water in between, ate veggies and fruit all day; yet by the time we ate dinner at 10pm I was done. All I wanted was to curl up in bed. I spent the night with an upset stomach (maybe that one piece of pizza did me in?). The next day I could barely finish my soup and salad from Panera and as soon as we said goodbye to friends and family climbed in the bed and didn’t get out until the next day (it was probably 4pm when I started napping/sleeping for the night).

But that’s not the only incident. I felt sick and tired on the way to Asheville, rallied as much strength as I could the next day and felt horrible again Sunday. This past weekend, came down with what I thought was the flu and spent two days in bed and another day working from home. I’ve had a harder time getting out of bed in the mornings, I have no energy by the end of the work day and just want to go home and fall asleep.

The worst part, most of this is my stomach. I feel so much better in immediately after eating, as if I’m raising my blood sugar back to normal levels. But, an hour or two later I can’t keep food down. I know something is wrong because as a child and teenager I never had those problems. Even at my worst with kidney and liver involvement I’ve never had those stomach issues.

I know I need to go to the doctor. But how to you tell a doctor who said you were in remission 6 months ago that suddenly you’re not?


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