Day 3 – The latest from my Doctor

Today is day 3 of National Health Blog Month from Wego Health. Today’s topic: A conversation with your doctor

Last week I told y’all that I had a doctor’s appointment. I’ll admit once my rheumatologist told me I was in remission in April, I slacked with my doctors visits. My fault completely. But, when I make an appointment last-minute and tell the nurse on the phone, the main nurse who checked my temperature, weight, blood pressure etc. and the rheumatologist that I’m not feeling well I expect SOMETHING. Instead here’s what I got:

Doc: How have you been doing?

Me: Ok, but not well. I’m exhausted and feeling more aches and pains all over rather than prominent pain in any one place.

Doc: Your joints aren’t swollen, you look fine.

Me: I’m definitely fatigued though.

Doc: We’ll do your labs and then call you if somethings up. I want to see you in 4 months.

That was it. Less than 5 minutes. No answers. Cut me off. Now this is the second time this has happened with this doctor. I left very frustrated like if my blood work didn’t show anything than I must be fine.

Fast forward to this week; the nurse called and told me I have a kidney infection and my B12 is next to nothing. For the next few months I’m going to have to get injections. I know it could be worse, hell it was worse years ago. But, it’s still frustrating. At least my blood work said something and there’s proof I’m not crazy and there is something wrong with me. But, I’ve tried so hard to stay healthy, so hard to exercise, eat right, get enough rest and not push myself. Because it’s not worse, the doctor doesn’t see it as a big deal. Since when did injections become “normal”?

I start my first round of injections this week. Hopefully they’ll help and quickly, but I want more answers, more of an explanation, more of a gameplan going forward. I’ve tried very hard to be an active patient and be proactive with my health. But, I feel like I have a doctor who is more reactive, and that doesn’t work for me.



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