Day 4 – Full disclosure, well not really

Today is day 4 of National Health Blog Month from Wego Health. Today’s topic: How do you decide what to share?

I’m not one to lie. Part of my charm is that I’m brutally honest. Some people love it, and some hate it. But, I’m going to tell the truth, even if it’s not what people want to hear. Over the past few years (mainly since moving down south) I’ve censored myself. I’m generalizing this, but most southerners would rather be polite and hold their tongue than tell the truth. I have learned to have a little more tact when dealing with sensitive issues (or when dealing with certain people) but for the most part I still tell the brutal honest truth.

I want to tell the truth on my blog; about how I’m feeling; about my personal day-to-day triumphs and struggles; my doctor’s appointments. I will be open and honest about my life. That’s what this blog is for. It’s my personal journal as well as a tool for other working individuals struggling with this horrible, unpredictable, disease we call lupus.

But, I will not share the negative. What I mean is, I will not publicly call out others for what I see as negative behavior. Take yesterday’s post for example; I have some doubts about my rheumatoligist, but I don’t dare mention him by name, or the practice he works for. There’s a situation I would love to get off my chest to see if anyone else in the health blogging world deals with a similar situation, but it casts the others involved in this situation in a very negative light. The character Chaucer in A Night’s Tale proclaimed “I will eviscerate you in fiction. Every pimple, every character flaw. I was naked for a day; you will be naked for eternity.” It’s true, I have the ability to do the same to people on this blog. But, they don’t have an outlet to defend themselves so I will not.

Those close to me I will write about positively. I will share their names because when they do amazing things to support me in my fight they deserve recognition (and because with my lupie brain I can’t remember what fake names I may give people). No one is perfect, but I will not point out anyone’s imperfections but my own. I will say doctor or ex or a friend when speaking about someone negatively. But, depending on the situation I may share intimate details if it affects me.

I will be honest; I will post pictures; I will share the good and the bad; I will blog.


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