Day 7 – I’d enjoy the doctors office if it looked like this

The lounge at the Toronto City Airport is lovely

Today is day 7 of National Health Blog Month from Wego Health. Today’s topic: Redesign a doctor’s office

Aren’t doctor’s offices depressing? My rheumatologist shares space with an oncology practice. The whole environment is pretty depressing for me. If it’s not very elderly arthritis patients it’s cancer patients with medical masks and no hair. One of the blessings/curses of lupus is that I don’t look sick to total strangers. But man, the looks I get from fellow patients, like they’re all saying: One of these things is not like the other.

Most doctors offices are also bland and very uncomfortable. Take the chairs. You’re at the doctor because you’re not feeling well and probably pretty uncomfortable. Who wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair? Or the tables in the patient rooms; who fits on those? You’re uncomfortable when you sit up because the back is reclined too low; you’re uncomfortable if you lay down because your legs dangle off the edge and you’re not fully laying down. Poorly designed if you ask me.

Seriously, who fits on these bed/chair things?

In the patient room how about recliners instead of those awful chairs. Some doctors want you on the examining table, others don’t mind if you’re seated. Just have a recliner and make it the best of both worlds. Or better yet how about those seats Virgin has in first class for their trans Atlantic flights? You know the ones that recline all the way into a bed? Those sound nice.

Those airport recliners at London’s Southend Airport look comfy

I’d be much happier with a patient waiting room with comfortable chairs and a television (but please, no 24-hour news channels during the election). Keep the trashy magazines and provide more of them. Free WiFi too as I play on my iPhone waiting for the doctor. How about some water too? I pay the doctor as much in my co-pay as a day pass to an executive airport lounge who provides me with booze. I don’t think WiFi and a relaxing environment is too much to ask.

Waiting for the doctor doesn't seem so bad when the office looks like a business class lounge


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