Day 14- Reality TV

Today is day 14 of National Health Blog Month from Wego Health. Today’s topic: My life as a reality show.

I love reality tv. Seriously, on my DVR is the entire Real Housewives franchise (except Miami), Guilianna and Bill, Top Chef, Teen Mom, and maybe an episode or two of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Judge all you want but if watching too much reality tv is my biggest vice I’m doing alright.

My life as a reality tv show would be boring right now. I go to work, go home, make dinner, browse the internet/watch tv. I haven’t been exercising lately because I’ve felt too fatigued. On weekends Sean and I may go to dinner with friends or family or to a Georgia football game, but right now I’m happy life is pretty boring.

I’ve thought about life as a reality tv show before. Newsroom is good but it’s so not how real newsrooms work. We used to joke that they should make a reality show out of a local television newsroom. In small markets, you have fights for stories and anchoring opportunities, a room full of good-looking people who spend all their time together (at and outside of work), lazy people, entitled people, hardworking frazzled people, gossip, all of that to go with the “normal” last-minute deadlines and technical issues. TV shows on news programs often ignore the technical meltdowns: wrong video rolling, broken printers, skipping teleprompters. I’ve been known to flip out when this happens, while other reporter friends have made the whole thing comical “which video are we rolling next? Hey in this story….” Maybe someone should turn the cameras around and make a reality tv show based on small market television stations. The rest of the world may find tv life isn’t as glamorous as they think.

Newsroom doesn’t have enough of the behind the scenes drama that really happens

When I was at Denison we used to joke that we were in a Truman Show experience. We lived on campus, in a bubble on top of a hill and rarely left the confines of our perfect looking world. Of course it’s college so it would be the normal gossip, who’s hooking up with who, who’s talking badly about who, yada yada yada. But, there were too many weird coincidences that you couldn’t help but think you were living in the Truman Show, like there was a glitch in the Matrix we’re all living in.

Our little bubble used to have as much drama as the Real Housewives

No one would watch a reality show about my life anymore and that’s ok, I like it this way.


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