Day 19- We’re all going to die

Today is day 19 of National Health Blog Month from Wego Health. Today’s topic: Write about Life and Death

Just this weekend, Sean asked what Jews believe happens when you die. I frankly had a hard time explaining it because my religion doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on death and we don’t talk about it that much. I have thought about it though.

When you’re told “this will kill you” it shocks you. Hearing those words makes you numb. The Tim McGraw song “live like you were dying” talks about living it up during in times like these. It doesn’t work like that; at least not for me. Everyday someone is told “You have x amount of days/weeks/months to live.” And everyday someone beats those odds, living another day/week/month/year. I don’t think there is a death sentence, but I do believe in a time.

I’ve had this weird feeling for a long time. A feeling, premonition, whatever you want to call it, that I’d only live to 25. But, my brain also had a strange backup plan if I did make it to 25, I probably wouldn’t last long past 55. Why? I couldn’t tell you.

So maybe I only have until 55. So what? We all die right? If lupus doesn’t kill me, something else will. I’m going to do what I want to do and live my life the way I want to. I don’t think of exercise and healthy diet as a way to extend my life; they’re really just ways to make the pain go away and feel good day to day. There’s no bucket list of experiences needing to be completed ASAP. There’s no impeding conversations to have with loved ones. I don’t have a will (probably because I’m 27 and have no assets to speak of).When you die, nothing changes for you; you’re dead.

Even if I have this weird premonition, I don’t care. I’m still going to wake up, make my smoothie, go to work, go home, do some yoga, spend time with friends and family. Not because I’m dying; because that’s what I want to do now, while I’m alive.


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