Day 23- Now you can put up your lights

Today is day 23 of Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. Today’s topic from the bonus prompts list: prep for the holidays.

Poor Thanksgiving. The holiday gets the shaft because people are way too excited about putting up their Christmas lights/tree/decorations/playing Christmas music. I’m a firm believer in giving Thanksgiving its due. But, now that Thanksgiving is over you can prepare for Chrisma-kkah!

I grew up a half-bread, both Jewish and Christian. My parents said here’s both religions, make your own choice. We celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah (yes and as small children we were spoiled by our grandparents with 8 days of presents and then Christmas morning). While I have long since chosen my religion, I still celebrate both.

This year Hanukkah is early, meaning my menorah and dreidals make their display debut now. But I’ve decided to forgo any big decorations, Christmas or otherwise.

This isn’t happening at my house

So how do you prep for the holiday’s when you’re working, sick, and just not up to it? Enlist some help:

Don’t host – seriously why would you do this to yourself? Cause hosting entails cleaning, decorating, cooking, putting on your happiest holiday face and all the added stress that goes with it. Want to contribute at someone else’s house? Order a pie, or pick up the turkey or ham from the store. Do the dishes post meal if you’re feeling well enough day of. But don’t host and put all of that on yourself.

Avoid the mall- We have this thing, it’s called the internet. USE IT. I’m not setting foot in a mall this holiday season. When you’re sick you don’t move as quickly as those holiday crazies storming the stores for the best deals. Is $50 off really worth the stress and physical boundaries? Nope. Not when there are some great Cyber Monday deals. Check out Brad’s deals for promo codes and online sales.

Let someone else gift wrap- Most stores/online retailers provide this. Some at no extra charge, some for $5. When you think about how much wrapping paper and bows are going to cost you and then add the difficulty of trying to tie that beautiful bow you saw on Pinterest with your arthritis hands, spend the $5 extra on each present and let the store do it.

I’ll leave this to Martha Stewart

Screw it- who cares if your tree is perfect? Or if the garland hangs perfectly on the porch? or your kids have made-from-scratch gingerbread houses? Screw it. If at the end of the day you’re with your family/friends who cares. The holidays are not about decorations or gifts. When the guilt sets in because you feel you didn’t do enough, say screw it and remember the reason for the season (whichever season you may be celebrating).


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