2013 Commitments

2013 new year sparkler

Forgive the lack of posting, life got in the way. (I’ll have a big lupus update coming soon.) I love the New Year, mostly because I love getting a new planner. But, I hate the term “resolution.” By definition resolution means unconquerable will which we all know isn’t true because something like 90% of people have abandoned their “resolutions” by March. So instead I’m using the term commitment, thus holding me more accountable.

2013 Commitments


1) No more than two days in a row without working out

2) Cardio at least once per week

3) Yoga at least twice per week

I will be completely honest: I have yet to establish a regular workout routine since my retirement from swimming 9 years ago. I’ve never been a runner, but I did have bouts with the elliptical  even had a month of regular spin classes two years ago. I love yoga, but sometimes I’m too tired for child’s pose. This year I’m committing to getting in shape again and increasing my energy. Even if I can only muster 10 minutes a day it’s better than nothing. I’ve used my new planner to map out my workouts and have some light cardio plans for the first month (think jumping jacks) hoping to get my stamina back.


1) Remember it doesn’t always have to be perfect

2) Leave work at work (aka: don’t vent about trivial things)

3) Wake up earlier, get to work earlier, leave earlier

In 2012 I made a major career change. There’s still a ton of adjustments and learning and I need to remember that’s ok. I’m not going to be perfect at my job; hell I didn’t even know this job really existed a year ago. It’s ok if I’m not perfect at it yet. And there’s no need to take that stress home.

What I did do today was learn I don’t mind commuting. It gives my brain time to wake up so I can hit the ground running when I get into the office. I got more done between 8-9am than I usually do in an afternoon. Because I started my workday before everyone I can leave before everyone, taking some of the edge off my evening commute (which I do mind).


1) Lunch out only twice per month

2) Pay off two large medical debts

3) More money into savings

I’m not going into specifics, but everyone with a chronic illness knows how expensive they can be. Even $50 co-pays add up and insurance doesn’t always cover 100%. I have to pay my insurance deductible in full this week. But, my goal is to get some of that medical debt that I put on Care Credit and other credit cards gone for good. I know I won’t hit all of it, but I plan to pay off a considerable chunk.

To do this I have to save more. Meaning no more lunches out during the week. I’ll go with the big group from the office twice per month to continue bonding with my coworkers but I don’t need to do it everyday or even every week like I did in 2012.

Obviously by not spending money, I’m saving more money. But I’ll also save when the minimum payments to those two debts can be put into savings.


1) Take more pictures

2) More communication with friends far away

3) Deepen relationships that matter, end ones that no longer fulfill me

I’d become a sort of a hermit towards the end of 2012. I had a whirlwind of weddings to attend, new weekend social engagements, and of course the beginning of the year was spent spending as much time with my TV friends before we went are separate ways. By the end of the year I was burnt out and would rather spent weekends at home. The good thing about seeing almost every friend I have in 2012 is that I know which ones to keep in better touch with. I know who to keep and my life long term and who to cut out. I don’t need to waste my time with people who don’t cherish me as their friend, and that’s ok, it’s all a part of growing up.

So here’s to good health and happiness in 2013!




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