My Favorite Yoga Videos

Yoga is one of my favorite workouts, especially when I’m stressed. Last week I had two super stressful conference calls at work. Instead of slamming my phone down, I went into a closed conference room (no windows) and did about 10 minutes of yoga. Yes I did yoga at work in the middle of the day. I left that little room feeling calm and satisfied that I had gotten some exercise in since I’d be working late hours.

Yoga is great for my lupus symptoms. It dramatically improves my range of motion, eases stress on my joints and calms me. Less stress = fewer flares.

Sometimes I make up my own yoga flows: sun salutations with some side triangle and warrior poses thrown in. Other times I’m looking for a quick fix, especially as I’m working later and later into the evenings.

Fit Sugar has great 10 minute workouts on their site. I pinned the Yoga Flow and the Yoga with weights (which can obviously be done without weights). 10 minutes! Everyone can do that.



Kristin McGee is my favorite “celebrity” yoga instructor. I discovered her on the Body By Bethenny DVD and she set my expectation for yoga videos. Kristin-McGee-S3-DVD-ReviewI just purchased her newest DVD. It has three 25 minute yoga/pilates workouts. Even after working late, I can squeeze in 25 minutes. If I have more time or want to keep going I can easily combine the workouts.

Most professional yoga instructors warn not to push a patient 100% into yoga flow. For those of you who aren’t feeling well, even five minutes of child’s pose can help. I suggest starting slow, with shorter videos and simple flows before tackling full length DVDs or classes.

What’s your favorite Yoga video?



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