Guide to Juicing

I blogged many moons ago about Green Monsters, basically fruit smoothies with spinach/kale in them. I love smoothies but in the past year I’ve graduated to juicing. 3813913687110p

I bought this bad boy at Bed Bath and Beyond last year. It’s the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. It’s easy to quick, easy to clean, and the pulp is dry which means I got every last bit of juice out of my ingredients. This is the same juicer featured in the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” If you haven’t seen it, go rent it on Hulu or Netflix NOW. While I haven’t been “cured,” my blood work has shown serious improvements and generally I feel a whole lot better (ignoring the current GI situation, which I have yet to address I know – post coming soon). So here’s how I juice:

Grocery Store

Every five days or so I hit the grocery store and load up on the following:

  • 2 bunches Kale (whole leaves)
  • 3 Cucumbers
  • Celery
  • 5 Apples or Pears
  • Ginger

When I get home I divide my juicing ingredients into five bags, one for each day. I split up the ingredients evenly.

image (2)

my daily juicing bag

At Home

Each morning I pull out a bag and get to juicing. To ease cleanup I line the pulp catcher with the veggie bag. Just tie off and throw away when done. (Don’t put scraps down the sink. It’s ok if a few get down there but it can clog up your garbage disposal real quick).

I put the kale in first (I get more juice from kale if the grater is clean). Then I throw in the rest of the ingredients. I’ve already pre-washed my veggies and there’s no need to peal or core anything as the juicer will extract the seeds and peel.


The irony of drinking green juice out of a beer cup

When it’s done I have a tall glass of green goodness. The best part is the foam. The apples or pears give the juice a sweet taste, not too sweet though. If I don’t drink it quick enough, I’ll continue to stir between sips. But, I usually chug this in about 10 seconds. (This is my everyday juice. Sometimes I’ll buy beats and carrots and oranges but I prefer the greens).

I clean my juicer right away. It disassembles easily and because I’ve already bagged the pulp there’s less work to do. I scrape the excess pulp from the large top portion into the bag to avoid more pulp in the drain. When it comes to the blade I scrub with the included brush, outside first to loosen the pulp, then inside with soap. The Breville can go in the dishwasher but usually I don’t have enough dishes to run mine every day, so I hand wash my juicer most days.

Juicing is a huge trend right now. The Wall Street Journal even wrote an article on it, saying sales of juicers have gone up 71%. Personally, it’s not a trend for me. I’m not one of those week long “juice cleanse” people. That’s too extreme. But drinking a glass in the morning is an easy way to get veggies into my diet and a nice boost of energy instead of drinking coffee. Who can argue with more vegetables?

Do you juice? What juicing recipes do you use?


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