The latest hospital stay

I spent part of last week in the hospital. I’m not going to go into graphic detail but a failed procedure prep left me in a lot of pain. I entered the ER on Monday evening after the suggestion of the on-call physician. I was admitted after midnight and spent the next two days hooked up to IVs, on medications I can’t pronounce, but I had few answers.

What is more frustrating is the doctors still have few answers. I’m still a guinea pig for medication; try this, now take that, add this. I’ve done everything the doctors have said and I’m still sick. I cannot express that enough to the doctors and nurses who have treated me. I follow doctor’s orders to a T. I don’t eat fast food or junk food or gluten or added/processed sugars. Honestly! But the “treatment plan” is always “avoid white foods, take this medication (and this one and this one) twice a day.” I got that part, but what is causing this problem?

I get my biopsy results back this week and have two different doctor’s appointments. I can no longer leave with an ambiguous answer. I cannot end up in the hospital again.


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