It is enough

EffectivenessInTheRightJungleFrom 7 Habits of Highly Effective People via Jess Lively

How fitting is this quote for us lupus patients? How often do we feel guilty for not being physically able to do enough? I feel guilty if I don’t cook dinner after a long workday, or if I let the laundry pile up an extra few days, or if I spend a Saturday napping instead of enjoying the sunshine. That guilt of not doing enough, the guilt of feeling lazy even if I am extremely fatigued.

But, this quote is a gentle reminder that we as lupus patients don’t have to do it all. If going to work is enough of an effort, then it’s enough. There are only so many spoons and hours in a day. As long as we put the energy into the absolute most important thing that day then the rest doesn’t matter. It’s enough.


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