My Food Allergies Explained – FINALLY

Two months ago I completed food sensitivity testing. My Rheumatologist and Nutritionist ordered what’s called Mediator Release Test. They can take insurance but my insurance didn’t cover the cost of the test. It cost me $275 out of pocket, which I was more than happy to pay to get some answers to my nagging GI issues.

I went to the lab and had four vials of blood drawn. I then overnighted these vials to the lab in Florida. My nutritionist called a week later to schedule my follow-up appointment to review my results. All in all the process was pretty simple.

The results however, were not. Turns out I’m allergic to a lot. At the top of the list, wheat. No surprise there. While my celiac tests had come back negative, I suspected I was highly sensitive to wheat, which the MRT confirmed. I’m also allergic to American cheese, rye, mushrooms, and honey. Seriously I’m allergic to HONEY! I love honey, so I’m slightly pissed about this.

On the highly sensitive to list: buckwheat (there I go with the wheat again), cauliflower, codfish, cottage cheese, cow’s milk, green peas, mustard, papaya and pineapple (good thing I don’t live in Hawaii), peanuts, pinto beans, pistachios, Red #40, Yellow #6, and acetaminophen (yes I’m allergic to Tylenol).

I must note, my allergies are not the “eat it and my throat swells to the point of death” type. Rather when I consume the aforementioned ingredients I feel sick to my stomach and generally sluggish. Most of these can increase my autoimmune responses and could increase lupus flares.


My reaction to all of this: I’m super pissed about the honey and pineapple; I don’t like mushrooms, mustard, or cottage cheese anyways; giving up cow’s milk means no ice cream which is sad; sensitive to food coloring and acetaminophen is a pain in the ass. Have you found a cold medicine without all three of these? The only ones I found were then naturally flavored with honey = fail! All but two multivitamins at my local pharmacy had food coloring in them. Those that didn’t were super expensive.

I have to be a lot more conscious about reading labels. I grabbed a carton of rainbow sherbet the other day at the grocery store and come to find out it has pineapple and food coloring in it. But, like an idiot I discovered this AFTER I had eaten a few spoonfuls from the carton. No immediate reaction but I have to be more careful.

I’m happy I discovered what I’m allergic to. In a disease like lupus which has no rhyme or reason, it’s nice to have control over something. Totally worth $275.