It’s been awhile

Apologies for being MIA. It’s been a whirlwind of a year:

1) We got married!

Kristin and Sean

Ten days after I wrote my last post, Sean and I went skydiving. I arrived (safely) on the ground to a huge “Will you marry me?” sign and Sean on one knee. In June we held a small, casual wedding in downtown Atlanta. My wedding planner Anna transformed a sports bar into our ceremony venue. The weather was perfect for an evening dancing and drinking on a rooftop. We’ve been settling into married life ever since.

2) I switched jobs/careers.

When I left the world of television I was originally hired as a writer/communication expert at a marketing firm. As business grew they needed more account executives and changed my role. It was a role I did not enjoy for a company becoming more and more hostile. The company wanted me to go to a meeting in Chicago the day before the wedding and then I travelled with the client for the two weeks immediately following our June nuptials.

Somehow I found time to interview with a large communication agency and got the job. I’ve been in my new role since August and am so happy. My work-life balance has been restored and I enjoy the company of my coworkers. They’ve been supportive of my fight against lupus and have encouraged me to work from home when needed. It’s amazing how simple and powerful empathy can be.

3) I paid off my medical bills.

Besides getting married, November 14th was the happiest day of my life! Finally after eight years of debt from the worst of my lupus flares is gone. I owe nothing to a hospital! The weight off my shoulders is indescribable.

4) We’re looking for a house.

Now that my career is settled and the bills are gone, we’re looking for a house halfway between my job and Sean’s. Currently we live in Sean’s bachelor condo, an hour commute from my office. It’s time to be a grownup and own a house. Stay tuned for more updates on this front.

I’ve vowed to get back on the blogging train and make this blog a resource for those working while battling lupus. But, I also vow to make this blog a little more of me as my lupus does not define who I am. Thanks for sticking with me!